How to use Galaxy S5 screen mirroring?

galaxyS5_screen_mirroring_wireless_displayWhy and when you need Galaxy S5 screen mirroring?

Galaxy S5 has a gorgeous display. But it is only 5.2″.

You may wonder whether you can enjoy the contents on the big screen (TV).

For example, you may want to show your guests some family photos/videos in your Galaxy S5.

Or you may want to enjoy the Netflix videos on the 60″ TV and home theater systems.

The answer is “yes”.

And even better, you actually have at least two totally different ways to use  Galaxy S5 screen mirroring: through Miracast or through Chromecast.

If you want to know the difference between Chromecast and Miracast, please read this post because this post is focusing  only on how to use Galaxy S5 screen mirroring.

Method 1: Galaxy S5 screen mirroring through Miracast

This method will work for you  if

  1. your TV supports Miracast, OR
  2. you own a Miracast dongle/adapter (e.g., Netgear Push2TV Wireless Display HDMI Adapter), OR
  3. you own a Samsung Wi-Fi All-Share Cast Hub.

Local WiFi (wireless) network actually is not required for Galaxy S5 screen mirroring with this method, although you must enable WiFi on your Galaxy S5.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 specifications: top 5 goodies and top 5 baddies

samsung galaxy-s5-specificationsSamsung finally announce the Galaxy S5, a successor of Galaxy S4, during the Unpacked 5 event during MWC 2014 in Barcelona last week.

So, all Galaxy S5 rumors settled down.

Samsung Galaxy S5 did not bring much surprise to us. It is an incremental update for the almost-one-year-old Galaxy S4.

Apparently, Samsung learnt from the failures of Galaxy S4. Galaxy S5 is their attempt to go back to basics. Galaxy S5 does not pack so many fancy features, but just a few very practical features. Of course, apparently, all features are tested well, not half-baked as in Galaxy S4.

Quick overview of Galaxy S5 specifications

Here is the specification sheet of Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • Display: 5.1″ full HD (1920*1080) AMOLED (not rumored 2K display)
  • CPU: Snapdragon 801 Quadcore at 2.5GHz; Exynos variants in some regions for 3G models.
  • GPU: Adreno 330 with maximum GPU frequency of 578MHz
  • RAM: 2GB (not rumored 3GB)
  • Storage: 16GB/32GB
  • OS: Android 4.4.2 (KitKat)
  • Battery: 2800mAh, removeable
  • Rear camera: 16MP censor with phase detection autofocus
  • Front camera: 2MP
  • Fingerprint  scanner
  • Color options: black, white, blue and gold
  • WiFi: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, MIMO(2×2), DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • USB: USB 3.0
  • Bluetooth 4.0, ANT+, NFC,
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From square to round: UI changes in Galaxy S5


Following the teaser of the galaxy S5 launch date, Samsung now teases us with a new picture related to the unpacked event.

This time, one prominent element in the teaser is the round shape of app icons.

Of course, this does not just mean shape changes in icons of apps: from square to round.

It probably hints some radical changes in TouchWiz, which is widely criticized as a Gingerbread-age Android UI.

Actually, there are no major changes in TouchWiz in last 3-4 years.

In January, when Samsung revealed the giant tablets (Galaxy Note Pro and Galaxy Tab Pro) , we noticed the new user interface for TouchWiz. But the controversial Magazine style UI is obviously not suitable for a 5″ device.

The old-fashioned, bloated and bloodily-slow TouchWiz really needs  a revamp.

The purported image confirms:

  • This is a Galaxy S5 event. This is unarguable. No Tizen devices yet. This is not a Galaxy S5 rumor.
  • Very likely, Samsung will launch more than one Galaxy S5. A few variants of Galxy S5 will be revealed as well. Some rumors suggest there are premium and standard versions  at least. Maybe there will be 3 variants of Galaxy
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Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date: February 24


Samsung just announced that they will host an “Unpacked 5″ event at Mobile World Congress on 24th February.

Surely, this is an event for Samsung Galaxy S5. Galaxy S5 launch date will be February 24, 2014.

This is not another  Galaxy S5 rumor.
Now Samsung reveals the Galaxy S5 launch date. The next question is when the  handset will be available.

If we check the release history of Samsung Galaxy S, S2, S3 and S4, it is not difficult to estimate Galaxy S5 will be released in late March to early April (4-6 weeks after the Galaxy S5 launch date).

Due to the lackluster sales of Galaxy S4, it is understandable that Samsung desperately wants to release Galaxy S5 as early as possible. Naturally, this Galaxy S5 launch date is a bit earlier than that of Galaxy S4.

Although Samsung is the No.1 Android  phone manufacturer, and they can easily maintain this position in next one or two years, the margin for error becomes less and less thanks for the competition from Apple, LG, Motorola (now owned by Lenovo, which has very deep marking pocket), HTC, Sony, and maybe even Nokia.

Samsung climbed to the top position through Galaxy … Read the rest

Galaxy S5 Rumors

galaxy s5 rumorsSamsung Galaxy S5 probably will be one of the most exciting, or the most disappointed, smartphones in 2014.  We will know it once it is released.

But for now, let the rumor mills run.  I will share with you some Galaxy S5 rumors. Please read it as entertainment, not a technical report.

Anyway, you should already know this post is about Galaxy S5 rumors, not technical review of galaxy S5. Just to confirm.

What is the Galaxy S5 release date? When will the release date be announced?

Just for laypersons. Release date means you can buy the product on that day. The product usually is  announced or launched (it is usually demoed  as well in the event) before the release date. For Samsung, most flagship smartphones and tables are released once month after they are announced.

Just for comparison, Samsung’s best buddy, Apple,  usually release new products one week after the announcement.

This one month, or one week, usually is calculated by some marketing genesis. If it is too long, people already forget the announcement. If it is too short, the message or the goodies,  has not been spread like virus.

Apple fanboies are generally loyal to their lord and … Read the rest

Will Galaxy S5 use curved screen (flexible display)?

samsung-flexible-displayAs the releasing date for Galaxy S5 is closing, more and more rumors are circulating around. Just like any other hi-tech products, some rumors are proven to be correct eventually, because technology is predictable.

For such rumors, you my check our live post on latest Galaxy S5 rumors.

One of the most  important aspects of today’s smartphone is the display.  A vivid screen is essential for the success of flagship smartphones.

Samsung does have an edge over other smartphone manufacturers on the smartphone screen, due to its dominance in OLED  technology.  Although there are some critics on OLED display on its over-saturated colors (i.e., unnatural), most consumers still enjoy the vivid color it provides.  Samsung has never been shy on putting OLED panels on almost all flagship smartphones.

So, there is almost no question that Galaxy S5 will use OLED panel. The size will be around 5-5.25″. The resolution will surely be at full HD or even QHD (2560*1440)

The question that bugs many geeks is whether Samsung will use curved display for Galaxy S5.

Is flexible display for smartphone new?

Flexible display is not new. But using it on smartphones is just starting.

Samsung claimed the title … Read the rest

Galaxy S5 manual

galaxy_s5_manualThis is a place-holder for Samsung Galaxy S5 manual.

We will add the official Galaxy S5 user manual in this page when they are available. You can download the PDF version of the manual in your own language and read it later, or read the manual online with the embedded PDF viewer.

A link to the online HTML version of Gaalxy S5 manual will be provided once it is ready.

Stay tuned.

Please check this official Samsung Galaxy S5 user manual page in all languages.

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Galaxy S5 Guide is live now!

girl-holding-samsung-galaxy-s5Samsung Galaxy S5 will arrive very soon. is a platform for all discussions on this smartphone.

If you have any questions on Galaxy S5, you may ask here. We will try to answer.  The community will answer. The community  is for you.

If you need the Galaxy S5  manual, you can find it in the user manual section. Even better, we will collect the manual in your own languages because Galaxy S5 will be slight different in different regions.

If you cannot decide whether S5 is suitable for you, you may check the S5 buyer guide section (coming soon..). You can find the comparison of Galaxy S5  with other flagship Android phones.

Of course, you will find teh Galaxy S5 accessories guide section. The common accessories and coolest gadgets for Galaxy S5 will be covered.

As the best guide site for Galaxy S5 owners, most importantly, you will surely find the best quality guides, tips and tricks, for your Galaxy S5.

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