Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode


galaxy-s5-ultra-power-saving-mode-settingPower Saving Mode is not new, but Galaxy S5 does a bit more than others

Power saving mode can be found in almost all Android devices. It is not new.  Most Android users know that one enabled, CPU tends to run slower and the number of active background process may be limited.

In other words, power saving mode in existing Android devices usually slightly degrade the performance of the device to gain longer battery life.

In Galaxy S5, in addition to such normal (or traditional methods), Samsung did more compared to other Android vendors.  According to this report, and this press release,  Samsung partnered with Lucidlogix to optimize the battery life optimization by integrating Lucidlogix’s PowerXtend Software in Galaxy S5.

It is claimed that the said software can boosts 35% more play time without sacrificing the performance (user experience).

Samsung did not disclose how the software is integrated in Galaxy S5. But in power saving mode, such software must play an important role. Otherwise, the mere 2800mAh battery is hard to  provide 12-hour video playback or 10-hour web browsing.

Another interesting  power saving feature is that you can change the screen from color to grayscale when normal power saving mode is enabled. Of course, you can switch them at any time.

Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode gives you a black-and-white S5

The most impressive and interesting power saving feature in Galaxy S5 is the totally new Galaxy S5 ultra power saving mode.

Samsung claims that Galaxy S5 ultra power saving mode can provide up to 24 hours of stand-by with 10% battery.  Don’t confuse this 24-hour standby time with the standby in specifications. This 24 hours standby means you can turn on all network connections, and receiving all notifications.  While in the hardware specification sheet, the 390-hour standby means voice only.

With the Galaxy S5 ultra power saving mode on, S5’s display will show only black and white colors and offer access to a certain set of applications. The ultra power saving mode also shuts down all unnecessary features in your S5.

No other mainstream smartphones provide this feature yet. Some users definitely will find this feature is a life-saver.


How does Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode save battery?

In addition to measures in power saving mode, Galaxy S5 ultra power saving mode saves additional battery in the following ways:

  • Change the screen from color to grayscale;
  • Limiting the number of usable applications;
  • Turning off mobile data when screen is off;
  • Turning off WiFi and Bluetooth

Can I customize the apps available for  Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode?

In ultra power saving mode, you’ll have access to some basic apps, like the ability to send text messages, make phone calls, and browse the web with Samsung’s browser.

You can add some other apps available when your Galaxy S5 is in ultra power saving mode. Of course, the apps are limited to some stock apps only. This includes, Phone, Messaging, Internet, Calculator, Google+, ChatON, Memo, Voice recorder and Clock.

So, the answer is yes, but limited to some stock apps for basic functionalities.

Very likely, through future update, Samsung will allow more apps in ultra power saving mode.

Do you have any questions on Galaxy S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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  1. steindom says

    Is it possible to still have the bluetooth on when in Ultra Power Saving Mode? It would be nice to be able to have the mode on but still have the bluetooth connect to my car when driving.

  2. marcus1124 says

    Is there a way to set power saving mode, or ultra power saving mode to automatically activate at specified battery levels?

  3. says

    Are you able to change the apps you’ve selected for Ultra Power Saving mode? I picked them when I got it and they’re not really the ones I’d need most but can’t work out how to change them (if it’s possible).

      • says

        Right, but that’s not what I asked. I want to know if I can change the apps that I have already picked – when you first use it there are 3 pre-set and 3 you can add from the list. I want to change one or more of those that I picked for others on this list. Is this possible?

        • Adam Price says

          Vicki — You probably have figured this out by now, but yes, it is possible to “change one or more of those for others on this list.” Tap the menu (three little buttons to the right of “Ultra Power Saving Mode” You should get three choices, the middle of which is “Remove.” Select “Remove, select the apps you wish to do away with, and you will be able to put different ones in the newly opened slots.

  4. DC says

    What sms app works in ultra power saving mode? I am not able to send text message when I select this mode.

  5. Charbel A. says

    Just bought an S5… fully charged the phone enabled the ultra power saving mode before I went to sleep, woke up with 47% battery!!!!! not impressive at all

  6. says

    Are there any auto power saving settings other than what I enable? It seems like my phone is shutting off WiFi lately and I don’t know why. My assumption was power saving settings but I can’t find anything. What I mean is, I don’t want my phone going into *any* power savings mode unless I tell it to.

  7. cedric says

    They’ve recently added Facebook,Whatssap… and so on but i hope in the future they will add apps such as camera (no matter if it’s in black and white ), email, maybe music too :Pand map

  8. Zjbr says

    How do you prevent the rearranging of your apps on the homescreen after exiting ultra power save mode? Everytime I am done with the power save and it goes regular, almost all of my apps are rearranged or taken off of the home screen.

  9. CD8668 says

    Are there new updates if we can modify the apps and add those that we really want? I’m NOT fond of using Google+, Line, chaton. It’s a waste of app selection for me. Then there is Facebook and although I do use that, I prefer just the messenger if I am to limit.

    • says

      Ultra power saving mode is not for day to day usage. Actually, you should avoid using apps. Frequently opening and closing apps actually is against the purpose of ultra power saving mode. It also shorten the battery time.

      Normal battery saving mode is usually sufficient for most users.

      The options for ultra power saving mode in s5 are still limited. Samsung didn’t allow much customization. This is Samsung’ first shot of this feature. Maybe in future versions, more options are available.

      But always remember, once ultra power saving is enabled, frequently using apps actually may consume more battery than the same operation in normal mode.

      Galaxy S5 manual: Galaxy S5 user guide/manuals (PDF)|| Galaxy S5 Guide: Galaxy S5 How-to guides ||

  10. Drorinda Marchetti says

    I love the Ultra Power Saving Mode. But since the last Samsung Update, when I send texts in this mode, I no longer have access to the microphone for speaking my texts. Please help in what I can do to make this work like it used to.

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